The Friendswood Volunteer Fire Department is recruiting men and women who desire to help their community and fellow citizens. The members of the FVFD are committed to providing Firefighting, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services for the over 38,000 citizens of the City of Friendswood.  As a department we strive to deliever the highest level of customer service and dedication.  To ensure members are able to accomplish this task, and are of good moral character, the following guidelines have been established.


To begin the application process the applicant must met the following requirements:


• Must be at least 18 years of age

• Pass a through criminal background check:


Must not be on any court-ordered community supervision or probation for a criminal offense, including a deferred adjudication for an offense.


Must not have any convictions of any Class B or Class A misdemeanor within the last five (5) years, excluding DWI convictions. Acceptance of applicants with Class C misdemeanor within five (5) years must be reviewed by the Board and approved for membership.


Must not have any convictions or deferred adjudication for a felony offense


Must not be convicted of more than five (5) moving violations with the past three (3) years


Must have no prior DWI convictions. (as reviewed by the Chief and approved by Executive Board an exception to this requirement may be made taking into consideration , time since conviction, circumstances related to event and current driving record.  Executive Board may establish certain restrictions on applicants activities and duties)


Must not be registered as a “Sex offender” nor have convictions of any crime involving moral turpitude or sexual offenses


• Be of good moral character

• Must pass physical and drug screen

• Must have insurable driving record according to VFIS’ insurance policy

• Must have not left previous employment/membership with FVFD, any other VFD or employer

   under other than honorable conditions



EMS Applicants


     Must meet all additional requirements to hold a current TDSHS certification/license or be able to acquire a TDSHS cerification/license within 6 months of joining the department.  EMS applicants may live outside the city limits as long as the applicat stays at the station during the shift.  Applicants are asked to run a shift, either day, night or weekends, each week.




     For more information about joining or to apply please download our New Recruit Packet or email us at . Once your application is complete please return it to our Administrative Manager during our operating hours.




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